We are light proven with Science

Human and Drosophila Cryptochromes are light Activated by Flavin Photoreduction in Living Cells.  Cryptochromes are a class of flavoprotein blue-light signaling receptors found in plants, animals, and humans that control plant development and the entrainment of circadian rhythms.
Yes, we are there or here.  Light is what we are.  I was skipping across facebook when coming across a post by Cyndi Dale author of “the Subtle Body” and this really got me going sort of to say.  We are light.

As a young woman, taking biology was fascinating.  I loved and still do to this day love cells.  Amazing mighty cells.  Its like a galaxy with all the interesting different types.  Look at that cell and tell me you don’t get a charge ? well I sure do!!  There is something very energetic about cells.  All the different cells that make up our human form…..wow- what a kick, energetic that is.




I remember sitting outside in the sun looking at my skin and it would light up.  I would see the epidermis cells glisten, also seeing the rainbow of colors.  I knew the cells were alive but there was something more to it, they were expressing colors.  I felt that they were alive and animated.  It is a communication between each cell, the light and the body.  The cells of skin with its four different types, keratinocytes, melanocytes, langerhans cells, Merkel cells.

I could see past just the first layer, and it looked like almost, the chakras each little cell.  Of course, at the time I certainly did not know about all the chakras, or energy bodies around us and the light vibration within us.

The sun has always been a healing tool.  In ancient times, they would use light broken up into spectrum’s of color.

Many cultures have recognized the potential healing powers of the light and the sun. The ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and other major cultures made significant medical uses of light. The Egyptians are said to have built temples where color healing took place. Sunlight shone through colored gems, such as rubies and sapphires, onto people seeking healing. Rooms were constructed for disseminating the color spectrum. The sick were “color diagnosed” and then put into rooms that radiated the particular color prescribed. – See more at: http://www.healthcaredesignmagazine.com/architecture/healing-use-light-and-color/#sthash.vdrbGTvh.dpuf

The Ancient Greeks were the first to document both the theory and practice of solar therapy. Heliopolis, the Greek city of the sun, was famous for its healing temples, in which sunlight was broken up into its spectral components (colors), and each component was used for a specific medical problem. Color, being a manifestation of light, held a therapeutic, as well as divine meaning for these historical cultures.

In researching this post.  I was astounded at all the medical teaching for nurses, about light therapy for wound healing.

Then I went back to child birth, yes-childbirth. The episiotomy I had was painful.  Most know what this is. But here you go if you don’t.

An episiotomy is a surgical cut in the muscular area between the vagina and the anus (the area called the perineum) made just before delivery to enlarge your vaginal opening.

The nurses placed a light on the incision, and the light had a filter that was green.  I still remember this, and it healed so quickly.  This was in the late 70’s.  Bending my knees with the sheet as a tent the green glow was so comforting.


We are light and we react to light.  There are many studies on light healing.

Photodynamic healing for cancer treatments here is the link https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/treatment/types/surgery/photodynamic-fact-sheet

These Cryptochromes are in our blood, skin, internal organs.  They react to light. We are light


Plants also and animals use light as we know but for some this will be an eye opener, and talking about the eye we didn’t even touch on the fact of the receptors in our eyes.  Of course they are light sensitive.  Through the use of different colors of light, on the bodies or seen through the eyes, there are chemical changes in the body and it can be proven.

More and more we are seeing light therapy, with multi colors within this vibration.  These vibrations of color connect with us on many more levels that what science is discovering at this time.  Much deeper levels.

From my point of view, with the control of our own mind, and the aid of color healing and vibration, we are in charge of our own being and future, as we create it within us.  The reality of healthy future mentally and physically may be enhanced the colors around us.  What color is your room?  I know for myself-the color of my bedroom made me down and feeling drained so I painted it white, and whalla I felt better.  I had the intuition that something didn’t feel right for me.  As soon as I slapped that paint up I could feel the difference.

Of course we have heard about the hospitals and the even the prisons that have tamed the unruly and the healing in colored rooms, changed from the usual colors to more soothing colors.

Science is backing this up.  Its not considered “new age” fluff any more.  Its also confirmed within our own cells.



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