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The thymus gland is an important gland for your physical body. This gland is also important for your spiritual journey. Located in the middle of the clavicle bone where it meets the breastplate (sternum), the gland is just below in the little divot there, and it’s kind of V-shaped.

The thymus gland is only active until puberty. After puberty, the thymus starts to slowly shrink and then becomes replaced by fat. Thymosin is the hormone of the thymus, and it stimulates the development of disease-fighting T cells


So you know where it is, and now you know what it looks like. But what what does it do for us spiritually? If the pineal is so powerful, what the does the thymus do?

The thymus gland is the seat of the higher heart. This is the heart chakra, but with the activation of thymus, the heart chakra moves up and expands. It expands into dimensions, and love.

Open this amazing thymus gland, because over time it can go dormant. You can perform the “thymus thump” by tapping your chest between your breasts. This will start the activation.

The higher heart is connected to the Christ consciousness, and the expression of that love through you. This is what opens that higher heart.

Forgiveness of self

Forgiveness of others

Loving unconditionally

This will give you the connection into the higher heart. I have felt this connection, and have integrated the light of the Christ consciousness.

This doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen over time with the work of the acceptance of self love and love for others. There is incredible energy, with transcendence of the physical form into the frequency of pure love.

The thymus serves us physically, but also as the seat of the higher heart. It gives us the unity of love, feeling connected to everyone, non-judging and free from the negative ego.

My personal experience is a burst of energy within the higher heart that is so hard to explain, but it is definite. Love and joy take over at this point of the gland, and then spreads to the back of the higher heart and through all the chakras. All the bodies vibrate to this higher light.

It is the call. This is bliss! It is the stillness, where it expands and guides us through the higher heart.

The chakras are in the etheric body. This body and its chakras are connected to the glands within our physical body. This is the connection of light. The chakras and the glands associated with them are as follows:

  • First chakra base connected to the adrenals and spinal ganglion
  • Second chakra polarity connected to navel umbilical
  • Third chakra solar plexus connected to adrenals and pancreas
  • Fourth chakra heart connected to thymus
  • Fifth chakra throat connected to thyroid
  • Sixth chakra third eye connected to pineal
  • Seventh chakra crown connected to pituitary

Have you ever heard that our chakras release hormones? This is how they do it. The chakras are connected to the glands.

Homeostasis is the balance of the human physical systems. There is another balance also that is just as important: the balance of all our bodies together in energetic harmony.

As we start spiritual work, integrating light, and the clearing process, we naturally attain more light within our system. This finer light clears our light bodies, and the etheric is a light body. As they clear, the frequency goes up. This not only affects our chakras and our light bodies naturally, but also our physical body.

This process is all connected. It is the “I am” at work. You realize the connection to the physical body, and to the etheric body that have the chakras. This is also connected to dimensions, to the fabric of the universe consciousness of who we are.

We are all connected.

Thanks for reading.

I am, with love,


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