The Gifts we give and receive

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When we moved from northern California, way up north in a little community called Irish Beach. I was in many ways heartbroken. The move was necessity, as getting to the doctor, and the grocery store, was a trek. Taking a toll on cars and us.

We were surrounded by the ocean, and tree’s, redwoods, and 100-year-old cypress trees. Cypress are very vocal, and energetic. These trees had spent 6 years teaching me, and healing me. Now we were moving. But I always assumed we were moving in part because the job was done with them, and that time there had come to an end. I could feel it.

The neighborhood wood never forget me though. As in the spring, I heard the trees behind my house, these 100-year-old giant cypress tree’s telling me they were being poisoned. As I stood guard and watched, I caught sight of men pouring, poison on them. Gallons of poison, not even to mention they were in a micro wetland.

So began the war. One thing you should know is, I am a warrior. This energy comes over me and I go. I was armed with a camera, and snuck around the deep grass and ferns, hiding as I took pictures of what they were doing. I reported it to the environmental agency, and in California that is huge. Nothing was really done. But they did get sent a letter.

There presents was gone, and the tree’s did not suffer. The wetland took a hit, but sprung back the next spring.

The owners of the lots wanted the tree’s down. They were blocking that million-dollar view to the ocean. So that summer they brought a group of burly men with chainsaws, and a D-10 bulldozer and started to rip out and then cut up the trees.

I saw this, with a cup of coffee in my hand as I looked out at the trees, and dropped the cup of coffee, jumped in the truck, and drove over to the where they were cutting. Without a thought, without support, I jumped in front of the bulldozer, the burly man, turned it off, and the other men all stopped to look at me. I said you don’t have a permit to be here, and to do this. Heck, I didn’t know if they did or not. But here we go!! Lady your crazy. These trees are coming down. I stood in the way and he started that big beast up and lurched at me I closed my eyes and didn’t move. Nope no way. He turned it off then the men came close to me, I yelled don’t come near me, and threw myself on the dozer, right on the bucket.

They shut the job down, someone called the sheriff, and long story short they were breaking the law, they had no permit, and the sheriff stopped them.

When the Sheriff came he removed me from the dozer, after he convinced me he would look into it. I was not crying, I was not scared, I was mad. Something came over me, I felt it and heard it, the connection was strong, and just like a mother protecting her children, I reacted.

The trees are now protected, in a beautiful little micro wetland with all the little animals that live there.

I was in the newspaper, and they wanted to interview me, and I said no.

Now we move to Arizona, and I missed my trees and I have pictures of them and still talk to them.

There we no trees around this house when we bought it none. All the sudden after a year in the house, all these little trees sprung up at the back of my house, and I said to my husband this is a gift. Look at them, there must be 25 trees at the back 12 feet and 18 feet now.

All the neighbors thought we had planted them. No, they came to us, to give us shade in the summer, and beauty in the autumn as their leaves change. Homes for the little birds, and love to us every day. Those tree’s come into the house, they connect with love, and through love. They are sentient beings.

They are conscious, and they are aware. My bedroom faces the trees, as they are all at the back, also the mountains. What comes from those trees is indescribable. They are my friends, my healers, my messengers. At night the light from the moon shines through the trees, and a play appears on the walls with the shadows of the trees.

I also feel all trees are connected. I also feel this was a gift to us, for what we had given and done for the other trees.

We are never disconnected. To all parts of this reality, and to dimensional reality.

When the fire from last June threatened our house, my husband had mentioned we might have to cut them down, my heart dropped. I heard a knock on the door it was the fire department checking homes and what debris or fire hazards were around the houses. I took them out back, and he said “wow, look at your little forest”. I could barely get any words out, as I couldn’t get a breath and he said, “these are good, looks good they are green”. Your good. I looked at him and threw my arms around him. I was so happy.

We survived the fire, and the trees stand tall and proud. I know no one can hurt them. I am there, and I appreciate all they have given me.

I am so excited that I have a little forest in the back. I love my trees.

with love Renee

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