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The inner dance

Our fundamental energy is wholeness at our basic level in everyone, the unseen level of who we are.  Wholeness, oneness; it’s been our birthright from the time we were individualized.

Becoming aware of our loyalty to ourselves helps us begin to integrate our physical body, energy, and mind. Our sense of ourselves develops naturally and gradually as we release our defenses, which can present themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Anger, rage, hate, and sadness can take on forms, defenses that can manifest in the physical body but also be present within the mental, emotional, and spiritual.

A defense can present itself within the body, also the etheric. Where there is tension, there is a defense. It can be as easy as releasing, or not releasing.

Going inside and feeling it be present with tension or emotion, what does it say? What visualizations are shown to you?

When we have a deep-down reality we do not want to accept, we move away from it, and over time, this moving away from the reality creates tension.

The pain contains the lesson of its cause.

For those that have clairvoyant sight, these can be seen as energetic defenses, and later as blocks of the mental, emotional, and etheric energy bodies.

Some terms are “armorings,” “mesh,” or “solid.” Plating (thick plates of steel) will be seen around the bodies, and also over organs.

Conditioning from parents, teachers, and society keeps us trapped, and in defense, we heal ourselves with our knowledge and intimate relationship with ourselves.

Healing on any and many levels must start with self-love and a loyalty to yourself.  We have a bond with our eternal selves.

As we release our defenses, our bond with ourselves grows slowly over time.

Let’s go inside for the inner connection. This is an important relationship to us at our most basic level: the physical level, the body.

A defense we may have could also be related to panic attacks; those that are related to a past childhood experience trigger an emotional response, some major difficulty that caused strong emotional trauma of some sort. After the event, obsessive thinking about it and anticipating that the same emotional trauma will happen again leads the brain to work, trying to bring the experience to the physical body, and the necessary chemical to signal the sympathetic impulses to begin the panic attack.

The thoughts about the stressor are causing the panic attack, not the stressor itself. This is important.

If we worry everyday over what may happen, we are setting ourselves up for the chemical reaction to bring it to us.

Our minds are amazing; we can create what we want.

As in the example of a panic attack, we need to go within to the core of what emotion is pushing our mind to that place.

Our mind assess the body, and then makes adjustments and releases and adds what it needs to sustain homeostasis.


Quotes by Joe Dispenza:

“Evolve your brain.”

“When the body responds to a thought by having a feeling, this initiates a response in the brain. The brain, which constantly monitors and evaluates the status of the body, notices that the body is feeling a certain way. In response to that bodily feeling, the brain generates thoughts that produce corresponding chemical messengers you begin to think the way you are feeling. Thinking creates feeling and then feeling creates thinking, in a continuous cycle.”


Our spiritual development is based on our minds releasing the bonds that bind us as a defense in the most elaborate ways; our pain.

Wholeness is to go inside, find, and grow out; support, and to bond to ourselves.


Wholeness is to feel all parts of ourselves, to not turn away but to experience it fully; as a result, we will feel better, and start to have an understanding of ourselves at a deeper and truer sense.

If you asked five people what being present is, you would receive five different perspectives, frames, backgrounds, ages, and beliefs.

This wholeness or presence must be defined by you, not by anyone else. With each person, it is different, and defined not by someone else’s perspective.

Our mind-body connection is deep within the tissues of our bodies, and deep within the complexity of the mind.

The etheric


Emotional spiritual

Is a culmination to unlock our defense mechanisms, trauma and pain.

The mind is the powerhouse of creation; what the body feels, the mind has created.

As we expand consciousness, we realize this experience works hand-in-hand as co-creators of our reality.

Esoteric teachings have always included mastery of emotions and thoughts, specifically how they work together. In the higher planes of consciousness, manifesting works with thought attached to emotion.

We are here in school, and there are a lot of lessons to learn. One of the most important is to know yourself, on the inside. What is your defense, what is your pain, what is your joy, what can you create in this reality? What do you need to flow through to acknowledge and heal?

We must learn how to become present within ourselves, to honor, and love all parts of us, to become whole.


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Edited by Jody E Freeman



A Haunted Hotel

Way away on hwy one, north of San Francisco, the two lane road zigged and zagged back and forth, as we sped toward the tiny town, in the dark with the rain pouring down.  The wind howled and it was hard to see the road, and it was getting late.  A dangerous combination on the coast I have seen way to many accidents that had happened in just those circumstances.

We pulled into a tiny one hotel town, with  t  in the word hotel was burned out, so it looked like hole well in my mind.  We got the last room, after banging on the door of the manager.  Sleepy and grumpy he led us to our room.  I grabbed Fred’s arm as the man handed him the key once the door was open, my eyes were wide, and he knew that look, he knew very well, as I looked him in the face.  He put his hand on mine on his arm and patted my cold wet hands.

We walked in and soon ready for bed, in the dark dingy room.  I started to pace back and forth, as I was nervous, and jumpy.  The room was cold, and no matter how high I turned the heat on, it was still cold.  Fred soon was snoring off into complete deep sleep, and I felt the room get smaller, and all the sounds got louder all the little sounds.


I went to bed, and finally fell asleep.  About 1:00 A.M  in the, the covers were being pulled off the bed, they were being tugged as I tried to stop the movement,  they pulled harder.  I ignored it or at least tried.

Then again, slower this time so I wasn’t as aware, slowly and then I woke up and grabbed them, and yelled stop it.

Then at 3:00 it started again, I asked for it to stop, now, and it did, and that’s when I saw him in the corner of the room, sick, and sad moaning in the corner, I could hear him and see him.  He began to shake, and he looked at me, and I asked him “do you want to go home” I am home I heard. I sat on the floor, and asked him his name and said “Mickey” and then he was gone.  I thought what is up? with this, come back here Mickey, all I could hear was Fred’s snoring.

When morning arrived the storm had left, and I could see outside, they were renovating some of the rooms.  I went to the office to get coffee and the manager, was a smiling gentleman and I began a conversation, “oh doing renovations I see?”  ‘Yes” he said,” this was a crack house, they would rent rooms and do drugs, we just bought it and we are cleaning it up”.  I thought oh my god that is mickey, I asked” did they ever have someone pass here?” “oh yes there was a young man, he passed here”.  Oh gawd thats Mickey.  The manager talked about the drugs, and the flop house, each room, they would break in and do drugs.  One of them o.d. and that was that, they sold the place for cheap.

I brought the coffee back, and Fred was awake, and I told him the story.  We got packed up, and Fred went to start the car, and wait for me because he knew what I had to do.  Mickey needed to go home.  He thought he was home.  I began the process, he was such a handsome young man, blonde hair and brown gold eyes that glowed.  He showed himself as I did the work, and he was the drugged Mickey, and then he changed to the beautiful Mickey, just as if layer after layer of darkness had lifted.

He was gone, went to let go.  I hope.  But he wasn’t there anymore.  When he left he had so much light around him, and was vibrating and pulsing I like to see that, then I know.  He is safe and sound at home.

Interesting stop on HWY 1 Northbound.

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Afterlife Research and Education Institute, presents The Mind is not in the brain.

Experiential Reality – Part 1 – The Mind Is Not in the Brain


Part two

Part three


I hope you enjoyed the videos from Dr. Craig Hogan president of the Afterlife Research and Education.

Craig Hogan is an amazing soul, with so much information to share with others.  I encourage you to join The Afterlife Research and Education institute here


The Afterlife Conference is coming up in September 13 -16 you will love the conference, the people are wonderful, caring and loving.

Hope you enjoyed the videos, and maybe a different way of looking at things.

thank you

with love





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