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You have probably heard the expression “residual energy.” it is a term all empaths, psychics, and mediums become familiar with. It is often used when describing the energy remnants left behind in objects, places, or buildings by the people who have gone before.  

There is energy everywhere and in everything. We are energy. Source god is energy, angels, and other energies of people. Even emotions are energy.

Buildings, cars, homes, places, and  objects hold these residual energies. This energy does not have to come from someone that has died; it can also be here from people who are alive. This is what I’m fascinated with, the energy that people are picking up that is residual but that is current.  

Another interesting part is layer upon layer of energy—of this residual energy—that can bombard someone. After time passes, there is a build up of energy.  this is why we cleanse areas when there is a lot of activity. This activity is not interactive, meaning you cannot interact with the energy or ask questions of it.  Talk, ask, and prod all you want, but it will not interact with you.

The same build up can happen with your own energy; layer upon layer of psychic info that if not cleared can build up in the energy bodies around the human body.  This leads me to a suspicion of possession, and other difficulties that some people find themselves in.

Not only do we have thoughtforms around us, but we can also find a lot of residual energy around us that is not ours, where as thoughtforms are ours.

How can residual energy be current? Very easily. On several occasions, I have heard my husband clearing his throat and even coughing … but he is not here, he is gone. There have been several occasions where my husband has heard me calling him yet I am a hundred miles away.


My son picks up on me calling him when I am the store. He can hear me talking when I’m not home. He is an empath. He gets all freaked out, but the energy is still just energy.

I’m not haunting him, subconsciously. This is his sensitivity to his environment.


We are both alive, but yet our energy is in the home.  When this starts to happen in our home, I know it’s time to clear the area. When I do this, I notice it to goes away until at a certain point, begin to build again.


With almost every reading I do, I always ask if they hear their alive loved one. And to my surprize, a lot of these people keep hearing their loved ones whom are alive. What is going on? Most people are psychic and don’t even know it. This is energy, but its left over or embedded within the home. Being sensitive, being able to pick up on this, is actually easy.


Interesting how energy works, how it records exactly what is happening in the home, but usually connected to emotion of some sort. I hate to admit it is the fact that it drives me crazy to hear my husband clearing his throat constantly and coughing.


I have been in places that I have never been before and picked up on energy, and the loop that runs of embedded, recorded-type energy. I cannot interact with it, but I can see the person and feel the emotion.  


This has implications also for psychics and mediums giving readings. You can add to your readings with this information if you can tell the difference between a residual energy and a current psychic energy. An example is you ask your client, “Is their drug abuse in the home, is someone using energy?” and they say, “No.” Well, it could have been even before they lived there. In essence, you can sense the whole history of a place, thing, or building. This could be helpful in different circumstances.


How does this record the energy? As energy workers and deeply spiritual people, a lot of us have the realization that the energy is spinning atoms, willing  to create whatever you want, and when these atoms come to us in the air that is energy of source, they are pure. We cloak them with our energy, negativity, or positivity. Atoms are a recording device, sort of to say.


When we come into a place, it is cloaked (the atoms) with the leftover energy of people, animals, or whatever has been taking place. Batta-boom, you’re feeling it or reading it.  This is one of the reasons I use light to clear; it changes the atoms back to a purer light, and hopefully transmutes the energy back to purity.


This also can be comforting to some people, as it’s not negative, it’s only energy with the signature of someone in it. For loved ones who are still here, leaving residual energy is part of the grief healing that is set forth naturally. Our loved ones who have transitioned to the other side will leave their residual energy for us to comfort and heal us. The majority of time, we can hear and see our loved ones. This does bring comfort. Mixed in with visitations and signs from our loved ones, you can truly see how we are loved and cared for.


I also make a note here, that at a certain point of their transition to the other side and how well we are moving through the grief, they pull their energy themselves.  Not always, but most times, and there is a definite change in the energy around them. This shift and change usually occurs about the sixth month mark of their departure back home. Not always at six months, sometimes not for years.

When you’re home alone and you think you hear your family member, that you know is not there, remember it’s just residual energy.


When we moved into our home, I kept seeing a black family. I felt their emotions in each room. I would see the wife and then hear her crying. I felt sadness and a loss. We’d bought our home in a short sale; they had lost their home, and all the emotions that are wrapped into it from losing the home you love were still present.


I confirmed that it was a black family with the real estate agent, and then cleansed/cleared my home. Didn’t see them or feel them anymore.


You can see how this energy is very much alive. So remember, it doesn’t matter if alive or transitioned, energy is energy, and if you’re sensitive, you too can see and hear people who are alive but are not physically there at the time.


Layer over layer, time over time … clearing is important. This energy with its layers—depending on what is/was going on—can create chaos. Lots of noise, emotions, and fears.


Clearing can be done with light, and sage, and even just incense. Yes, that’s one of the reasons when moving into a home that was pre-owned or not, you should think about clearing it. You can do it yourself!


One time, we were visiting a house that was being built. It was Sunday, no one was there, and I saw the construction guys. One drove a red truck and had a thermos with a San Francisco 49ers sticker on it. It’s that simple. The energy was from the men working there. Maybe he had something happen, as I felt strong emotion connected to this one part of the house. Later, I learned a man’s wife had died and he found out about it at the job site.


Energy is everywhere as I said earlier; it is alive and vibrant, spinning and recording our energies.


Thank you for reading!

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  1. I have a relative that leaves some type of energy in a certain section of my home that gives me anxiety. Can this be possible ?

    1. yes, Use any clearing exercise that you know, and it will help. Before the relative comes over set the intention, that the
      energy will not collect, and circle. Put light around the house, and then set the intention. Using the purple flame/fire works great.

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