Personalized Energy Paintings

Spirit energy paintings¬† Paintings are special, they last a long time, they are your energy, channelled by me and put down with paint, people, numbers, animals, past lives, future, all come forward.¬† But it doesn’t stop there it keeps going, and the energy is there for you any time you want it or need it.

The painting is mailed to you, with instructions on how to use it, and what to do.
I sit and read the painting while it is drying, and all the things in your aura, come forward, what comes forward is the most important for you to know at the experience, that can help you to center, release and grow in your own light, it actually can aide you in your development, because you are tapping into a higher energy your higher energy. All this information comes in an email to you.

12 x 18 painting comes in a frame

$135.00 this includes shipping and the frame *** please pay here

here is some art work also

not for sale


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