Meteors, comets and asteroids Oh Dear!!!


In the year 1988 a man by the name of Billy Meier had an extraterrestrial  experience.  He claims to be in contact with aliens/beings from different planets and universes.  One of his claims was this, That the planet was inseminated this he claims is a process used across and through out the universe, Billy also made the statement that it was done with comets, and asteroids, He made this claim  years before Nasa made their statement and discovery.

What this means is that DNA is a product of a Quantum energy wave and written into the basic laws of the universe.  These are the laws that govern the formation of life on earth.

That will wake you up!!!

Now we are going to twist this a bit, not really much into “light Codes”.  Master have all ways know this basic knowledge that, dna can be changed.  The frequency must be correct and precise, this comes to the point that not everyone is not created equally, the results cannot be replicated by everyone.  Inner process work, maturity, and discipline play a big part in conscious communication with dna.

Schumann frequencies –  The theory is that frequency effects weather.  Our weather here is influenced by Earth resonance frequencies, this is call the Schumann Frequency.  These same frequencies are also produced in our brains.

a shuman resonance

Of course it takes a master to do this to influence the weather, having the laser like focus and energy to do this.


Russian scientists discovered that our dna can create invisible, structured patterns in the vacuum energy of space, producing magnetized wormholes, these wormholes are the microscopic equals of the so called Einstein-Rosen Bridges.  The dna attracts these bits of information and passes to our consciousness.  Much like black holes originally be left by burned out stars.  Hyper communication.  This works with words, language also.

a worm hole einstien-

Dna substance present in living tissue not in vitro will always react to language modulated laser rays and radio waves.  Specific frequencies must be used.


From “The Foundation for Mind-being Research” “consciousness and dna”  by Jerry Gin

Most people think of our DNA as solely a molecular structure that chemically codes for making the components of our body. However, research is now demonstrating that it is much more than that — it is also a transmitter of signals that carry information. With the fairly recent decoding of DNA in our genes via the Human Genomic Project, scientists thought that now we will have a “full” understanding of life as dictated by our genes. Unfortunately, the number of genes that we possess is not that different than most living organisms — i.e., we are not so “special”. Humans have about 23,000 genes, about the same number as found in mice and earth worms. But we did have a lot of “junk” DNA that scientists did not understand since they were not the genes that coded for the proteins and enzymes that make up and build the body (hence, the term “junk”). We are now beginning to understand that the “junk” DNA appear to act as regulators that control the information that affects the operation of our body and hence its health. This understanding is creating a new field called epigenetics. It also appears that our intentions and thoughts become control knobs for changing the channel for the DNA signal! Light originating from our cells (biophotons) and electromagnetic signals appear to be involved in the signaling process. I will now briefly outline some of the scientific underpinnings that support this new look at the role of the DNA molecule.

Dr. Peter Gariaev, Director of Wave Genetics in Russia, performed an amazing experiment. When DNA, under vacuum, is exposed to a mild laser light, a sensitive photomultiplier instrument can pick up the signals from the DNA. When the DNA is removed from the container that held the DNA, the photomultiplier still picks up a structured photon presence and does so for about 30 days (the “phantom DNA effect”). Standard science says this cannot occur. Since it does occur, the DNA has structured the photons in this space, i.e., established a pattern in the field. This experiment gives us insight on the mechanism of messaging using DNA.


Onward we go to dna Antennas

Dna antennas in our cells energy production is called mitochondria it is a shape of what is called a supercoil, the supercoail dna looks like a series of mobius loops.  These mobius supercoil dna is hypothetically able to generate scalar waves.  The body contains thousands of these mobius supercoils throughout our body.


scarla waves teslac

The term scalar was used by Nicholas Tesla at the end of the last century as part of a powerful  non-Hertzian energy, that is without  frequencies , as he referred to as cosmic waves.  Einstein also made reference to scalar energies in the 1920’s.  Tesla and other researchers have come to understand both the physical and theoretical model of the scalar wave.  They came to the conclusion it is a dipole that is of two opposites unified as a toroidal vortex.

atoridolTorodial vortex


Torodial vortex spirals in motion and travels in circles, attract and repels at the same time,  it resonates, and causes to resonate.  Found throughout the natural world.  It is a galaxy, it is a hurricane, it is a tornado, it is a seashell, it is a torus, it is DNA.

some of this information was taken from “Modern Esoteric” by Brad Olsen

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