This is mentoring, the definition : is a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. The mentor may be older or younger, but have a certain area of expertise.

My area of expertise is energy work.  Mediumship, connections with the people on the other side.  Psychic work.

I can work in many different ways with you.  It all depends on you.  I will need to evaluate you. Talk with you. Before I can even accept  you as working with you.

If you are interested, we will need to discuss it.  You will need to email me and let me know you are interested.

You must have a spiritual foundation to work from.  If you have no foundation, I will move you in that direction first thing.  I make the determination, by looking into your energy.  

This is not coaching, I am not going to coach you.   I am going to teach you to be independent within your own energy system and to stand strong within your own power.  We work on the first most important to spiritual growth.  Grounding, coming into harmony,clarity,connecting, and centering.

First things first, do you have a foundation of work, and a belief structure to stand and ground into? If not fine.  But to do this work you must.  A spiritual foundation, and a spiritual philosophy is vital.

 Mediumship comes naturally the more grounded, and centered within your own energy you become.  As you raise and clear the bodies that you are, you start to grow, and learn.  The information becomes much more clear.

This is work it is not instant, but once to you start to work with the energy, you will notice a difference.  We work one on one.  Every week we connect and we do the work together, on the phone or via skype.  Every week I check your energy, and see the growth that you are making.  Then we move into Psychic and Mediumship work.  This brings in Ethics, standards, protection, and seeing you for the first time feel your own power within you grow.

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