Mentoring we meet once a week four times a month, 60 mins at the same day and time via skype or zoom, I have to see you.

We start with the basics:






You become your own proof, by doing the work and clearing, you will know a stronger connection to your own soul.   We move to connecting with the soul

grounding to bring the soul into the physical body for a strong connection, with emphasis on clearing the energy bodies around you.  Not only will you physically feel better you will have a strong connection into the the more spiritual realms.  This is accomplished by clearing, and grounding.

When we work together, I will initially ground you and hold you, so you can feel the higher energies, then gradually you will hold your own self.

I inspire spiritual empowerment, and independence this I do realize can take a little time everyone is different.

I need to see you because I can tell if you are indeed doing the work and if you chose not too, this is all up to you.

This is incredible life changing work, but you must be dedicated.  Its not that much really, it is honoring yourself, putting yourself first.

The clearing part of the practice helps you to hear, see, feel and know the energies around you.  Because you are clearer you can connect, and become your own medium, guidance from the soul, becomes clearer.  We want a clear higher vibrational connection.

The light bodies around you must be clear, to be able to connect to the higher dimensional energies and that’s where we want to be!!

This work can be done by anyone, and you don’t have to be a medium, or psychic, once the work starts you will grow and change with the energies.

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I charge $200.00 per the four -one hour sessions.

Reserve your space now, start January 1st 2022



Psychic Medium Renee Richards