This day I bring to you the vision of Melchizedek.  The light was so bright, this caught my attention.  My heart started to race, and my breathing slowed.  As the vision was stronger and stronger.  The light changed in the room and I clearly saw a man with layers of colors with a giant light above his head.  There were also layers of circles that encompassed his body, circles that filtered out and out.   Trying not to react, and just to be, as I watched.  The main color was white light, and then a pink.  He smiled at me, stood off to the side, and with his arm invited me to walk, as he moved the light never left him.  It was part of him and this light was alive.  I did hear whispers, and some singing.  We entered a dark place, and as I moved through without fear, I was there.  No longer secured to the bed, no longer being held by the earth.


As of late I have been studying the Emerald Tablets, and in the emerald tablets a name was mention Melchizedek.  According to Thoth from the the emerald tablets, Melchizedek is two entities.   One that embodies the soul aspect, one the universal aspect beyond the energy of what we know, beyond our understanding. Who was ensouled illuminated  entity.  Then Thoth claims to be Melchizedek in one of his incarnations.

Apparently Lord Melchizedek came from Orion and through the portal of Venus to Ancient Lemuria.  He brought with him the Archangel Crystal which is the “Philosophers stone” or also called the “Emerald Tablets”.

Interesting ?  Yes it is.

At this point, you can see the connection, and why I would have a encounter with Melchizedek.  You can also make the connection to calling to Thoth, by his sacred named three times (thrice) as given in the book.  No the name is not Melchizedek.  You will have to study the tablets to get  the point of your own growth.

Earlier I was asking to see Thoth, and well, he showed himself.  As his incarnation Melchizedek.  As his arm was out beckoning me to follow, we entered as I said a dark place that turned into a cave.  As he walked his light so brilliant showed the way.  He showed a cave, and in the cave was a chair of stone.  I could see the detail, and I fixated on the chair, at that moment a person/human came and sat in the chair.

He became illuminated  as much as I could tell, he lit up.  He had visions, and he began to use the light.  Melchizedek looked at me, and smiled.

As some of you might remember I had the vision of the gold tablets within the cave.  But, they were protected by a male lion, that roared as I got close.  When Melchizedek looked and smiled he then showed me a lion, and the lion, morphed into a kitten.  He then held his arm out again to sit in the seat.  I could see the dirt beneath my bare feet and I felt it, I could feel the coolness within the cave.  I did not sit in the seat,

I was staring at everything.  Mesmerized by the whole encounter.  Then it was all gone.  Poof in an instant.

Being left with my heart and thoughts, and some work to do.  Back in my bed, in my room, in my house, solid again.

Now it is time for study.  To research. To meditate to connect.  The realization that I received exactly, what I asked for is to enough to bring me

to my knees in gratitude and  love.  This is also a call to work.  All done in love, through the love, comes the wisdom and then the power.

Not the kind of power to manipulate, the power of love.

see you soon

reneewhatupdog save for other projectswith love Renee



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