Gifts in the pain


As a Medium, I’m fortunate enough to be a part of some of the most amazing readings where wonderful things happen. These readings can be life-changing, and what can come through to the client and myself can change the perspective of both of us. Each reading holds a lesson waiting to be learned.

I want to share the importance of readings and the lessons for all of us in those readings.

A client came to me for a reading. Her husband had been killed in a motorcycle accident by a drunk driver. He’d missed the stop sign, swerved and slammed head-on into her husband. He was gone and she was in so much pain.

The appointment was set. Before readings, I usually receive information through visitations, messages, and images. I kept getting that I really need to pay attention, and to tread lightly.  At the time I wasn’t sure what this was all about.

The morning of the reading, I began reading the energy around her, and then this silence started and I saw two men. I heard again, “Tread lightly.”

The drunk driver responsible for the death of my client’s husband came through. Her husband and the man were standing together arm in arm, both smiling away. The one who was responsible for the accident came forward, and said he was sorry to have caused so much pain. He then began to show me his life in pictures and emotions. He’d been an alcoholic for a long time.

“I couldn’t get away from it,” he told me.

For years he’d suffered in an alcoholic daze. He died one year after he’d caused the death of my client’s husband; she didn’t even know he was dead. The two had come together in forgiveness, but there was something more.

There was a knowing for the both of them. It was deeper than even forgiveness.

They had known each other before. I was suspicious, as the symbol for me that there is a soul connection is the interlacing of arms. When I see that, I know then they’re from the same soul family. If they know each other but stand apart, it means they know one another but not on a soul level.

This information gave the client a new way at looking at the death, as well as her life. She said this changed her forever.

I’ve done many other readings where the person  killed and the person to blame (both deceased) came through, arms interlaced, smiling and showing the connection, confirming their soul connection. I am not to judge the readings; I am simply to bring it into this dimension so the client can understand what the message is.

In readings where the spirit gets closer to me, I’m shown the emotional connection. If they get down on one knee or both, it is forgiveness work they’re looking for, not for them but for their loved one. Readings are always about the loved one left here to deal with the grief.

How do I know that this is a soul connection? In most of these readings where the two are together, they show me in their soul bodies and the connection to a soul family, also called the monad. This becomes a deeper inter-connection and I can see the process. It may at times look like a giant grid, with lines gathered in certain collections like bundles. This is where, on a soul level, the work is deep and runs through the same family, sometimes in generations. Sometimes not, but you can see when it does. This is pretty clear. Remember, it’s a domino effect; one sets off many, as in relationship to learning and growth.

This appears to me as golden wires of energy going back to the core of their expression, weaving through past, current, and future lives. It feels very different than just a normal mediumship reading. This has clairvoyant imagery, a deeper way of seeing. Clear seeing. Strong lessons on what the bigger picture is, what our relationships truly are. We are multidimensional beings of light!

We incarnate on this planet with a soul family in a smaller sense, and then, I truly believe we are a soul family on a larger scale and that we are all connected, every single soul on this planet.  Spirit told me once that the toughest lessons we learn are from the ones that love us the most.

My own father showed me this. He was abusive and mean-spirited. When he passed, he tried to talk to me many times; I wouldn’t listen, nor except his presence. He never gave up, reaching out to me until one day, I said, “Okay.”  He changed my life through forgiveness and love, but also by showing me the bigger picture of the soul connection to myself and to my soul family, as well as every human on this planet.

His greatest gift to me was forgiveness and love. I am not trying to play down the hurt and pain from a loved one dying, but there are gifts in the death. People change from a death of a loved one on so many levels, and we are never separated from our them. The spirit that has passed reaches out to us, to lead and guide us through the tributaries of grief. Our loved ones in spirit cheer us on and show us signs to help us believe in life after death, and that there is more.

Readings can give us amazing perspective changes if we are open to them. We need to realize the connections are so much deeper, and we are multidimensional beings, with multidimensional lives. In the pain, there are beautiful loving gifts to learn if we can stay open to them.

Love never ends, and is always creating more love. That is the creative will of Source God, and the creative ability of the universe: to love and through that love, create.

With Love, Renee





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