Energy Healing/Clearing

I offer this as a clearing or healing of your energy.  Your energy bodies.   This is not a healing for medical issues.  This is where I take divine energy, and flow it through you, you become more grounded, more connected, and I clear away psychic gunk, that we all pick up.

When I do this people feel very peaceful, more connected, and their mind feels clearer, they feel lighter.  Through the process, I hold your energy in a grounded position.  This enables me to bring the divine energy within you, as I start the process, I work with your soul to kick in and to participate in the clearing.

This is about a 20 minute process, some may take longer up to 30 minutes.

There are many reasons people may benefit from this procedure.  To rid themselves of psychic energy that they pick up.  Clears away that type of energy.  It will not remove thought forms connected to the emotional body, those are there for you to learn from.  I can see them and relay that too you, but I cannot remove them.  If you have hooks that you have picked up, from others, or from dimensional travelers I can help with that.

I will not give you a reading, this is energy work.  This energy is the “IAM” presence working in the higher dimensions.  Powerful

and fast energy, I step it down for your energy level and your acceptance.

This work is all done from the heart, and working in the “IAM” presence through the Christ consciousness of unconditional love.




Psychic Medium Renee Richards