Could you repeat that?


Have you ever had someone threaten to kill you? I have. A complete quote would be “I have a shotgun and I know how to use it, I am going to kill all your pets then Renee”

When I was told about the threat, it literally sent waves of shock through my body. The fight or flight had kicked in. My heart started to race, and my breathing sped up. The phone went silent. He asked did you hear me? I answered yes. He said lock all the doors and make sure the windows are locked, get the gun and keep it next to you, with a flash light. What? I said, very quietly. “Renee do you hear me” his voice sounded so far away. Yes…ahh yes..I am here. Do it. Now.

I went around and locked every door, and window. Made sure every thing was locked, kept the blinds drawn and then got the handgun and flashlight, and sat on the couch.

Still in disbelief. I sat. There were reasons for not calling the police. To not report it.
I was mad.

This made me furious. Who the heck do they think they are? Every noise, every car, he had given me a description of them, every where I went I was looking for them. Then the next day he called to ck in on me.

Something came over me, and I could feel their hurt, and desperate feelings, I knew their names, and when in meditation. I called to them both, I asked that they please look at how they are acting, and I put pink around them both. Even though it was the one, they were connected. I asked them to let this go, and I saw them both look at each other and look at me, and smile. I asked them to remember who they really are, to come out of the anger, and to feel, feel love. I then prayed, and thanked them. It was done.

The next day that night I get a phone call.

Your in the clear. She has apologized. She said that she was on drugs and alcohol, she started to cry, and said I am so sorry. Please forgive me.

So the deal was this. She was angry at someone else, not really me, but because they were close to me. She was going to make them pay by suffering.

In just one month she lost her dad, and one week later her mother died. She was raised in a abusive home. She did not know how to handle the frustration, guilt, and anger she had. So, she medicated herself, and then made these threats. That we both felt she could follow through on. She was and is a little off her center.

This had nothing to do with me being a psychic medium, it had to do with something else.
I am suggesting either that anyone deal with it this way, if you are ever threatened you should contact the police right away. Your life is in danger!! call the police.

This was different circumstances. I dealt with it. The way of chose not from fear, but from love. I had the time to do this. In a right now emergency you need to call for help.

With love Renee

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