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Meteors, comets and asteroids Oh Dear!!!

In the year 1988 a man by the name of Billy Meier had an extraterrestrial  experience.  He claims to be in contact with aliens/beings from different planets and universes.  One of his claims was this, That the planet was inseminated this he claims is a process used across and through out the universe, Billy also made the statement that it was done with comets, and asteroids, He made this claim  years before Nasa made their statement and discovery.

What this means is that DNA is a product of a Quantum energy wave and written into the basic laws of the universe.  These are the laws that govern the formation of life on earth.

That will wake you up!!!

Now we are going to twist this a bit, not really much into “light Codes”.  Master have all ways know this basic knowledge that, dna can be changed.  The frequency must be correct and precise, this comes to the point that not everyone is not created equally, the results cannot be replicated by everyone.  Inner process work, maturity, and discipline play a big part in conscious communication with dna.

Schumann frequencies –  The theory is that frequency effects weather.  Our weather here is influenced by Earth resonance frequencies, this is call the Schumann Frequency.  These same frequencies are also produced in our brains.

a shuman resonance

Of course it takes a master to do this to influence the weather, having the laser like focus and energy to do this.


Russian scientists discovered that our dna can create invisible, structured patterns in the vacuum energy of space, producing magnetized wormholes, these wormholes are the microscopic equals of the so called Einstein-Rosen Bridges.  The dna attracts these bits of information and passes to our consciousness.  Much like black holes originally be left by burned out stars.  Hyper communication.  This works with words, language also.

a worm hole einstien-

Dna substance present in living tissue not in vitro will always react to language modulated laser rays and radio waves.  Specific frequencies must be used.


From “The Foundation for Mind-being Research” “consciousness and dna”  by Jerry Gin

Most people think of our DNA as solely a molecular structure that chemically codes for making the components of our body. However, research is now demonstrating that it is much more than that — it is also a transmitter of signals that carry information. With the fairly recent decoding of DNA in our genes via the Human Genomic Project, scientists thought that now we will have a “full” understanding of life as dictated by our genes. Unfortunately, the number of genes that we possess is not that different than most living organisms — i.e., we are not so “special”. Humans have about 23,000 genes, about the same number as found in mice and earth worms. But we did have a lot of “junk” DNA that scientists did not understand since they were not the genes that coded for the proteins and enzymes that make up and build the body (hence, the term “junk”). We are now beginning to understand that the “junk” DNA appear to act as regulators that control the information that affects the operation of our body and hence its health. This understanding is creating a new field called epigenetics. It also appears that our intentions and thoughts become control knobs for changing the channel for the DNA signal! Light originating from our cells (biophotons) and electromagnetic signals appear to be involved in the signaling process. I will now briefly outline some of the scientific underpinnings that support this new look at the role of the DNA molecule.

Dr. Peter Gariaev, Director of Wave Genetics in Russia, performed an amazing experiment. When DNA, under vacuum, is exposed to a mild laser light, a sensitive photomultiplier instrument can pick up the signals from the DNA. When the DNA is removed from the container that held the DNA, the photomultiplier still picks up a structured photon presence and does so for about 30 days (the “phantom DNA effect”). Standard science says this cannot occur. Since it does occur, the DNA has structured the photons in this space, i.e., established a pattern in the field. This experiment gives us insight on the mechanism of messaging using DNA.


Onward we go to dna Antennas

Dna antennas in our cells energy production is called mitochondria it is a shape of what is called a supercoil, the supercoail dna looks like a series of mobius loops.  These mobius supercoil dna is hypothetically able to generate scalar waves.  The body contains thousands of these mobius supercoils throughout our body.


scarla waves teslac

The term scalar was used by Nicholas Tesla at the end of the last century as part of a powerful  non-Hertzian energy, that is without  frequencies , as he referred to as cosmic waves.  Einstein also made reference to scalar energies in the 1920’s.  Tesla and other researchers have come to understand both the physical and theoretical model of the scalar wave.  They came to the conclusion it is a dipole that is of two opposites unified as a toroidal vortex.

atoridolTorodial vortex


Torodial vortex spirals in motion and travels in circles, attract and repels at the same time,  it resonates, and causes to resonate.  Found throughout the natural world.  It is a galaxy, it is a hurricane, it is a tornado, it is a seashell, it is a torus, it is DNA.

some of this information was taken from “Modern Esoteric” by Brad Olsen

If you would like to read more about Brad Olsen go here:

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Your making my head spin Ascension

There is ascension of the earth.  Conscious ascension, etheric ascension, spiritual ascension…..what does this all mean?!!!!!

Firstly lets start with the definition of ascension as it is given in general terms.



the act of ascending, ascent


the Ascension, the bodily ascending of Christ from earth to heaven.
Well laddie dah…that did not help.  Why is it that there is no clear black and white answer?.  My attempt will be to make this clear and easy to understand.  Now that I think about it maybe it is easy for some.  I know what ascension is and what it means but it can get very confusing at times.
Here is what it all comes down too!!
First you have to understand dimensions, we live in the third dimension.  The earth, very dense in physicality. The fourth plane is the astral plane there are divisions also in that dimension, lower astral, higher astral so on.  The ascended master and the spiritual realm is the 5th dimension, and above.  Ascended masters lived on earth as a human, went through the same struggles as all humans.  But and its a big but, they transcended their own negativity and karma at a point.  They became self realized, they became love, they walked the path of the adept, and studied, and did the work of an adept.  Raising their vibration of light,  80% or 83% light within them.  They can come go to the earth and astral plane with out having to be reborn/incarnate.  They have raised their vibration to a sustained frequency of light.  The ascended masters are the teachers of mankind from realms of spirit.
These are highly evolved beings. Ascended Masters are not only part of the Spiritual Hierarchy that overlooks the Earth plane, also the higher Solar and Universal Cosmic planes. Many Ascended Masters belong to both the ‘White Brotherhood’ and the ‘Order of Melchizedek’. Many of the ‘Order of Melchizedek’ are currently in embodiment today to assist in the development of humanity.


 In past Ascensions, the body was left behind, with the exception of two known to us – that of Jesus and Ezekiel, who went “up to heaven” bodily. “Heaven” itself is a term that the ancients used to indicate the Fifth Dimension or Mental Planes. When we say “the seventh heaven,” we’re indicating the seventh sub plane of the Mental Plane or Fifth Dimension.
The qualifications are scientific: (1) a person must choose to ascend, and (2) a person must have assimilated sufficient light to make existence in a more rarefied  environment bearable. Another way of discussing what must occur is to say that 51% of our own negativity must have been cleared.
The way or work in which a person assimilates light is determined by the extent to which they can love. All other distinctions around the cultivation of the divine qualities like joy, compassion, wisdom, integrity, etc., are all derived from, dependent on, or based on this ability to love.

All comes down to love.

This won’t be our final Ascension.  Nope not that easy….. Every time we pass from one dimension to the next, we’re said to ascend. When we pass from one subplane to the next within a dimension, we’re not said to ascend. Ascension is a dimensional shift.


from the book “Cosmic Map” by Grandma Janet pg 256

“Ascension is our trip into Christ consciousness.  Ascension is a moving in consciousness from one dimension to another while in a physical body.  For some this will mean living in a fourth dimensional reality”  some though will go through the 4th into the 5th.

Thank you Grandma Janice great book!!!!

In essence we are creating our light body, so we can ascend at some point.  Working on the negativity, judgments that we hold.

What is light body?  A technique and process for spiritual light integration.  Light body is the building of the etheric light body, using codes of light to build it.   We do this gradually over time so as to not burn our Energy fields, and our physical body.  Your human cells actually start and continue to utilize metabolize  light.  Yes!!! its in your dna.  As we integrate more and more light we become clearer and clearer of negativity.

This is a big ole combo deal, like a pizza.  Many different varieties of processes go into the making.  It is a path of love, and the path of an adept  the path of ascension.  There are many paths not just one way.

This really comes down to a way of life.  Building the light quotient within us our light body. What I believe personally you may not believe, and that is ok.  Because it can all work.

Myself I am all about building the light body, and the antahkarana or the rainbow bridge the connection to the soul.  The Antahkarana is esoterically known as the “Rainbow Bridge of Light” and it takes you into oneness consciousness. Therefore the Antahkarana represents a state of awareness, yet there are energy channeling structures or threads which participate in and facilitate this state of awareness.

with love Renee

Thank you to Steve Beckow “the hope chest”




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The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

The book The Emerald Tablets.

Translation and interpretation by Doreal

I have had this book for 10 years.  In those years I have learned much from the tablets.

This book is multi dimensional, and has much to teach.  If you are open to the teaching.

I used some of the exercises with in the book.  They do work.  There is a mystical depth to them.  This information is occult in nature, and is hidden.  So it means you really have to work at the


The tablets/keys that stand out the most to me is, the key of wisdom and the key of magic, and the key of freedom.

The key of wisdom talks about wisdom and power walking hand in hand.  The commands of the master within are the ones to follow.  Love is the beginning and the end to all for in the end all their is, is love and oneness.

this key talks about “silence is golden” and the maintenance of silence and advancement in growth through silence.  If you are listening to everyone, and not to yourself there is going to be a problem.  You must go inside of yourself.


The  key of magic gives specific ways to clear your energy.  To stay within the light, and obtain your own power.  When Thoth talks about the struggle with light and dark, in some ways he is talking about the lower self, lower ego.

This is well worth the $9.95 I paid for the book and has served me well.  Take each key and read about it, and then meditate on the subject.

He is giving this power to help others come out of the darkness to light.

The author is Thoth, an Atlantean Priest-King who founded a colony in ancient Egypt, wrote the Emerald Tablets in his native Atlantean language which was translated by Dr. Doreal. This edition of the Emerald Tablets is unique in that it includes both the translation and interpretation by Dr. Doreal



Upon them are engraved characters in the Ancient Atlantean language; characters which respond to the attuned thought waves of the reader and which release much more wisdom and information than the characters do when merely deciphered. The Tablets are fastened together with hoops of a golden colored alloy suspended from a rod of the same material.


When Thoth, the Atlantean and Master raised the people of Khem (Egypt) to a great civilization, and when the time came for him to leave Egypt, he erected The Great Pyramid over the entrance of the Great Halls of Amenti. In the Pyramid, he posited his records and appointed Guards for his secrets from among the highest of his people.


In later times, the descendants of these guards became the Pyramid Priests, while Thoth was deified as the God of Wisdom, the Recorder, by those in the age of darkness which followed his passing. In legend, the Halls of Amenti became the underworld, the Halls of the Gods, where the soul passed after death for judgment.


During later ages, the ego of Thoth passed into the bodies of men in the manner described in The Emerald Tablets, a Book of Record and Occult Wisdom which he wrote and left in the Pyramid for those of a future Age of Light.


This is the First episode on the Emerald Tablets and its engravings by Lou Bernedetto, written by Thoth, the Atlantean from the Lost city in Time of Atlantis. Thoth is an imortal who was once a very long time ago a regular human being who lived in a time over 50 000 years ago



Second Video release of the Emerald Tablets by Lou Bernedetto.  Like all the Tablets they are written by an Atlantean King Priest who ruled and lived in the Great Lost City in Time of Atlantis, over 50 000 years ago. Thoth is a Human being that lived in a time long ago during an age now lost to us at presant. Atlantis was a great civilazation that thrived & flourished for many Tens of Thousands of Years. Not only were they rulers of the sky and the land around them. But they were beings of peace, wisdom and most importantly, a people witth Great Soul Force



Translation and Interpretation by Doreal


Originally published in mimeographed form in the 1930s by a mysterious “Dr. M. Doreal,” these writings quickly became an underground sensation among esotoricists of the time.


Tablets 1-13 are part of the original work; tablets 14 and 15 are supplemental.

No one has ever seen the original tablets mentioned here, and in all likelihood, these writings would be considered channeled material today.

Dr. M. Doreal, is a spiritual teacher of multitude of seekers of light, having founded the metaphysical church and college. Doreal is the author of all of the organization’s writings and teachings and was granted permission for the esoteric wisdom to be remitted in the public forum by the Great White Lodge and the Elder Brothers of mankind who shape and form the spiritual evolution for mankind.

Doreal writes of the secrets of the symbolism of all mystery schools and gives a precisely and beautifully written step by step progression all seekers have searched for in their quest for oneness with God and attainment of the cosmic consciousness. After traveling the world for knowledge of the light and truth, Doreal began publishing his findings in a spiritual retreat in Colorado named Shamballa. Doreal studied the ancient teachings of the emerald tablets, the wisdom of the Kabbalah, and the light Jesus brought to mankind. He has translated many ancient texts into English and other languages for the masses to read in order for all of us to reach atonement within ourselves and the cosmic universe. All his publications are available through the brotherhood of the white temple publication office.

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Purple Energy Plates

Please visit Purple Energy Plates

I use purple energy plates, having one in the kitchen under my water container, and one under my mattress. Energy is what they are, and they work.
This is all I know. Used them for years. I have seen the benefit.
Receiving no compensation for supporting or loving the energy plates.
I love them.

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Angel the Plumber a real angel

Angel the plumber

Oh so long ago, in a land called Redding California, in a home set back from a highway, nestled in the oak trees in the warm California town, a family lived, husband and wife, three boys and a girl, one little boy was only about 18 months old in diaper’s blond hair, blue eyes..

The Mother and Father had gone to dinner and then a concert, a rare night out, it was summer, and Redding in the Summer was warm.  They had their reliable babysitter, there, and all the safety nets they thought were in place, the pool was locked, the house was safe.  The babysitter put them to bed at their normal bed times, red them stories and tucked them in, she then went into the kitchen to make a cake…while she made that cake, and when all the other children were a sleep, a little boy decided to get up, go out the front door, in the pitch black, down the long gravel drive way, to the highway….the baby sitter knew nothing had happened all were in bed, everything was ok….she talked on the phone and baked her cake, and frosted it, feeling good, that she had done a good job.

The little blonde toddler in his little white diaper, with his shiny blond hair, and big blues eyes is now on the highway, walking down the middle of the highway.

Not a brother, not a sister, not a dog, not a cat heard this little boy leave his home, and head out in the dark, on a warm muggy night.

An angel coming home from work who got off at just about midnight, came barrelling down the highway, in his big white service truck, the service truck had a name on the side ” Angels plumbing”, he was getting ready to go home, done for the night, he had been working on a ladies pipes that had burst in the night,
and on this night, at this exact time, the little toddler was walking down the middle of the highway, when Angel saw him…he slammed on the breaks, he could not believe what he saw…he opened his door and little toddler, just stood and stared at him, in disbelief he picked him up, it was so dark, and no one around, where the heck did this baby come from?

The neighbors had there lights blazing as they always did and they were night owls, busy teachers always working.  About 10 after 12 a strange man pulls up in a big white work truck, and carries the baby to the door, knocks, they answer, and she yells what are you doing with that baby?.

He explained what had happened, and she was just beside herself, she ran to the house of the mom and dad looking for them, and all she found was a babysitter,
making cake frosting it, and talking on the phone.  The poor babysitter nearly died when she found out, when the neighbor showed up with the little guy that was in bed she surely knew…the neighbor told her what had happened and she started to cry, the babysitter was just shocked, and by the time my husband and I got home at 12:30 am they had taken her home, and proceeded to tell us the story of Angel and our baby.

This is a true story, that happened, and I could never find that man, or his truck, or anything to do with him, I looked in the phone book, and I asked around, no one had ever heard of Angels plumbing, or a man who was a plumber named angel….I think you know the rest of the story.

copyrighted by Renee Richards 2015

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Could you repeat that?

Have you ever had someone threaten to kill you? I have. A complete quote would be “I have a shotgun and I know how to use it, I am going to kill all your pets then Renee”

When I was told about the threat, it literally sent waves of shock through my body. The fight or flight had kicked in. My heart started to race, and my breathing sped up. The phone went silent. He asked did you hear me? I answered yes. He said lock all the doors and make sure the windows are locked, get the gun and keep it next to you, with a flash light. What? I said, very quietly. “Renee do you hear me” his voice sounded so far away. Yes…ahh yes..I am here. Do it. Now.

I went around and locked every door, and window. Made sure every thing was locked, kept the blinds drawn and then got the handgun and flashlight, and sat on the couch.

Still in disbelief. I sat. There were reasons for not calling the police. To not report it.
I was mad.

This made me furious. Who the heck do they think they are? Every noise, every car, he had given me a description of them, every where I went I was looking for them. Then the next day he called to ck in on me.

Something came over me, and I could feel their hurt, and desperate feelings, I knew their names, and when in meditation. I called to them both, I asked that they please look at how they are acting, and I put pink around them both. Even though it was the one, they were connected. I asked them to let this go, and I saw them both look at each other and look at me, and smile. I asked them to remember who they really are, to come out of the anger, and to feel, feel love. I then prayed, and thanked them. It was done.

The next day that night I get a phone call.

Your in the clear. She has apologized. She said that she was on drugs and alcohol, she started to cry, and said I am so sorry. Please forgive me.

So the deal was this. She was angry at someone else, not really me, but because they were close to me. She was going to make them pay by suffering.

In just one month she lost her dad, and one week later her mother died. She was raised in a abusive home. She did not know how to handle the frustration, guilt, and anger she had. So, she medicated herself, and then made these threats. That we both felt she could follow through on. She was and is a little off her center.

This had nothing to do with me being a psychic medium, it had to do with something else.
I am suggesting either that anyone deal with it this way, if you are ever threatened you should contact the police right away. Your life is in danger!! call the police.

This was different circumstances. I dealt with it. The way of chose not from fear, but from love. I had the time to do this. In a right now emergency you need to call for help.

With love Renee

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