Angel the Plumber a real angel


Angel the plumber

Oh so long ago, in a land called Redding California, in a home set back from a highway, nestled in the oak trees in the warm California town, a family lived, husband and wife, three boys and a girl, one little boy was only about 18 months old in diaper’s blond hair, blue eyes..

The Mother and Father had gone to dinner and then a concert, a rare night out, it was summer, and Redding in the Summer was warm.  They had their reliable babysitter, there, and all the safety nets they thought were in place, the pool was locked, the house was safe.  The babysitter put them to bed at their normal bed times, red them stories and tucked them in, she then went into the kitchen to make a cake…while she made that cake, and when all the other children were a sleep, a little boy decided to get up, go out the front door, in the pitch black, down the long gravel drive way, to the highway….the baby sitter knew nothing had happened all were in bed, everything was ok….she talked on the phone and baked her cake, and frosted it, feeling good, that she had done a good job.

The little blonde toddler in his little white diaper, with his shiny blond hair, and big blues eyes is now on the highway, walking down the middle of the highway.

Not a brother, not a sister, not a dog, not a cat heard this little boy leave his home, and head out in the dark, on a warm muggy night.

An angel coming home from work who got off at just about midnight, came barrelling down the highway, in his big white service truck, the service truck had a name on the side ” Angels plumbing”, he was getting ready to go home, done for the night, he had been working on a ladies pipes that had burst in the night,
and on this night, at this exact time, the little toddler was walking down the middle of the highway, when Angel saw him…he slammed on the breaks, he could not believe what he saw…he opened his door and little toddler, just stood and stared at him, in disbelief he picked him up, it was so dark, and no one around, where the heck did this baby come from?

The neighbors had there lights blazing as they always did and they were night owls, busy teachers always working.  About 10 after 12 a strange man pulls up in a big white work truck, and carries the baby to the door, knocks, they answer, and she yells what are you doing with that baby?.

He explained what had happened, and she was just beside herself, she ran to the house of the mom and dad looking for them, and all she found was a babysitter,
making cake frosting it, and talking on the phone.  The poor babysitter nearly died when she found out, when the neighbor showed up with the little guy that was in bed she surely knew…the neighbor told her what had happened and she started to cry, the babysitter was just shocked, and by the time my husband and I got home at 12:30 am they had taken her home, and proceeded to tell us the story of Angel and our baby.

This is a true story, that happened, and I could never find that man, or his truck, or anything to do with him, I looked in the phone book, and I asked around, no one had ever heard of Angels plumbing, or a man who was a plumber named angel….I think you know the rest of the story.

copyrighted by Renee Richards 2015

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