A flying toilet through the cosmos




A very interesting dream I must say.  This is a recount of a dream from my son.

As the dream began I was sitting on a toilet, and the feeling I had was that the toilet was a sentient being. I could feel the warmth of the toilet, and feeling of love and caring.  I understand that this does in fact sound super silly.  But this was a dream. A very abstract dream, with deep meaning.

As I sat upon the toilet, and felt its sense of wisdom, and love, all the sudden the ceiling opened up and we lifted up higher and higher, and out we went, I grabbed the sides of the bowl to hold on.

I began to get scared, as we were going so high up, and we were leaving earth, but I felt this connection and a deep knowing that it would be fine.

At this point I was becoming aware that I was awake in this dream.  Right away I asked “why a toilet?”  I heard a silent voice in my head whisper- “why not?”

We shot away from earth and then it became dark with beautiful sparkling stars.  The toilet slowed, then shifted from side to side, gently rocking. I could see the milky way, and constellations.  I remember thinking that’s what it looks like for real, just like my astronomy class taught me last year.

Then I felt a presence, a deep love and all-knowing presence.  I gripped the toilet tighter.  I was reassured by a beautiful presence that it was going to be ok.  Not with words, but with this crazy deep touching love.  Not wanting to leap off the toilet in fear, but to stay in this beautiful feeling, to feel this deeply for as long as I could.

I felt joy, and the toilet, seemingly feeling it with me,  did a loop de loop; wow that was fun and scary at the same time.

I laughed like a little boy, and I sensed the whole universe laughing with me, I knew god was there.  I also concluded that I was part of this whole universe, even though I was riding a toilet.

While I was up visiting the cosmos, I forgot who I was. I was just a part of everything. I was just a being. A light.  Being human was not a part of who I was.  being a  part of all this beauty and expanse, color and light, that’s who I was.

Part of creation.

I started to panic, only because I had a moment of remembering who I was, and the toilet flushed and down I went through the layers of space, over earth, then into the atmosphere of earth, and the blue sky, and down above the city we live in, and the mountains, I was home.

Then I woke up.

The dream was over, but the effect wasn’t over, I could still feel it.  The feeling of being out in the cosmos, and the feeling of god. A feeling of transcendence. Like a place where I belonged. A place I’ve always known.  And I longed to be back at that place.

I was confused in a way, of all the things, why a toilet?  We had quite the discussion the next day.  Mom and I laughed and laughed.  In that moment of discussion, I felt it, that joy, and elation.   I felt that childlike joy. If I closed my eyes and opened my mind,  used my imagination, I could almost feel the air blowing through my hair as I zoomed around in the night sky.  Of course Mom said the obvious, “toilets remove the waste” and the flushing part, you need to flush to get back?

Maybe so.

Whatever it meant, I am telling you it was amazing.  I have never felt anything like it.

I wonder what the next dream will be? And was it a dream? Or was it a lucid dream?

Now I have seen most everything, and believe me,  having a mother who is special, I have heard many things in my time. In regards to a toilet flying through the cosmos though? Now that takes the cake.  It wasn’t just a dream. It was a message. And that message can be interpreted in many different ways. If any of you that are reading this have had interesting dreams, I would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading, and remember to keep your mind open, and use your imagination often. With our imaginations we can create beautiful things. We can become more than human. But it’s our minds that create these wonderful places, these beautiful locations that are deep in our hearts, to visit.

It seemed so real.

Thank you again for reading.


(Renee’s son)










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