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I’m psychic now what

Do you think your psychic?  or do you know your psychic? Come take a look at the information and you decide what to do if you are or are not. These are signs for Psychic  surely  there are a lot more.  Maybe even less, but its good information. You predict the future without consciously doing […]

What are psychics good for?

It seems every time there is a tragedy that occurs.  I start getting mail.  The hate mail starts.  They sound a little like this. Why didn’t you stop it?  Why don’t you predict that or this?  What good are you?  What are you good for?, if you can’t warn people.  I have never heard a […]

Meteors, comets and asteroids Oh Dear!!!

In the year 1988 a man by the name of Billy Meier had an extraterrestrial  experience.  He claims to be in contact with aliens/beings from different planets and universes.  One of his claims was this, That the planet was inseminated this he claims is a process used across and through out the universe, Billy also […]

Your making my head spin Ascension

There is ascension of the earth.  Conscious ascension, etheric ascension, spiritual ascension…..what does this all mean?!!!!! Firstly lets start with the definition of ascension as it is given in general terms. noun 1. the act of ascending, ascent 2. the Ascension, the bodily ascending of Christ from earth to heaven. Well laddie dah…that did not […]

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

The book The Emerald Tablets. Translation and interpretation by Doreal I have had this book for 10 years.  In those years I have learned much from the tablets. This book is multi dimensional, and has much to teach.  If you are open to the teaching. I used some of the exercises with in the book.  […]

Purple Energy Plates

Please visit Purple Energy Plates I use purple energy plates, having one in the kitchen under my water container, and one under my mattress. Energy is what they are, and they work. This is all I know. Used them for years. I have seen the benefit. Receiving no compensation for supporting or loving the energy […]

Angel the Plumber a real angel

Angel the plumber Oh so long ago, in a land called Redding California, in a home set back from a highway, nestled in the oak trees in the warm California town, a family lived, husband and wife, three boys and a girl, one little boy was only about 18 months old in diaper’s blond hair, […]

Could you repeat that?

Have you ever had someone threaten to kill you? I have. A complete quote would be “I have a shotgun and I know how to use it, I am going to kill all your pets then Renee” When I was told about the threat, it literally sent waves of shock through my body. The fight […]

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