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Afterlife Research and Education Institute, presents The Mind is not in the brain.

Experiential Reality – Part 1 – The Mind Is Not in the Brain   Part two Part three   I hope you enjoyed the videos from Dr. Craig Hogan president of the Afterlife Research and Education. Craig Hogan is an amazing soul, with so much information to share with others.  I encourage you to join […]

Watch out for the blind spots

There are blind spots in driving a car, and there are blind spots in life. You feel safe in life, and you feel settled, everything seems to be going ok then bam.  Something shocks you, could be a person or a thing, or situation.  This could completely ruin your day.  All sense of security and […]

The Gifts we give and receive

When we moved from northern California, way up north in a little community called Irish Beach. I was in many ways heartbroken. The move was necessity, as getting to the doctor, and the grocery store, was a trek. Taking a toll on cars and us. We were surrounded by the ocean, and tree’s, redwoods, and […]

What to do when readings just don’t make sense

    When you book an appointment with a psychic medium, some of things you need do beforehand include: Get references from friends, colleagues, and websites Review their reading policies Ask what will happen if you cancel or can’t make the appointment Ask what will happen if the psychic medium cannot connect to your loved one […]

Was that Sylvia Browne?

I am reporting an experience.  As it happened, and the messages that I received.  Feeling this is important, and that I will be visited until I get this out. About a month ago I saw Sylvia Browne at a grocery store out in the parking lot.  Now I know what this sounds like, and yes, […]

The Thymus – The Higher Heart Connection

    The thymus gland is an important gland for your physical body. This gland is also important for your spiritual journey. Located in the middle of the clavicle bone where it meets the breastplate (sternum), the gland is just below in the little divot there, and it’s kind of V-shaped. The thymus gland is only active […]

The Witch Across the Street part 2

This is part 2 The witch across the street Now about this time, strange things started to happen.  I went to bed after babysitting and crawled under the covers.  Went right to sleep. When I awoke in the middle of the night I got up from my bed, looked back at my body that was […]

The Witch across the street part 1

The neighborhood was doctors, lawyers, teachers, professional people.  A few blue collars like my parents were scattered in with the professional people.  The school was within walking distance, but still quite a walk.  I actually fit in and started to make friends.  The homes were called the “lake homes” and are still there today.  The […]


The summer of 1999 we had some issues with our washing machine.  The machine was not working just quit.  I noticed on the machine was a shiny label, it read “Tony S. the working girls friend” along with a phone number and such. We called, a voice at the end of the phone was an […]

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