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My lessons at the nursing home

  1990 Compassion, Love, and Patience I really didn’t have a firm understanding of compassion. Of course, I had practiced it here and there. While working in rural Montana in a small bed facility, I was assigned several people to take care of, get to know and love. It was there I learned the true […]

Residual Energy

      You have probably heard the expression “residual energy.” it is a term all empaths, psychics, and mediums become familiar with. It is often used when describing the energy remnants left behind in objects, places, or buildings by the people who have gone before.   There is energy everywhere and in everything. We […]

The Train

    Renee Descartes, the French philosopher, said that evil demons could keep us under a veil of illusion. What Descartes did not realize was is that we are the demon, believing and feeding into the illusion.   We are the controller of us, of all the different parts of the illusion of ego. Dreams […]

The inner dance

Our fundamental energy is wholeness at our basic level in everyone, the unseen level of who we are.  Wholeness, oneness; it’s been our birthright from the time we were individualized. Becoming aware of our loyalty to ourselves helps us begin to integrate our physical body, energy, and mind. Our sense of ourselves develops naturally and […]

The Hag-Merle Haggard

  Merle Haggard drove up to our service station in Redding California.  I was sitting in the office, doing my paperwork; it was a Sunday, and I’d gotten stuck working.  The familiar ding of the tire rolling over the air-filled hose alerted me that someone wanted full service. Out I jumped from the office, and […]

At the River

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. 1 John 4:8 (NIV)   Many years ago, I was married and had four children out in the middle of nowhere in Montana. I was thirty-three years old and working two jobs to help to support our family. My husband suffered from PTSD […]

Gifts in the pain

As a Medium, I’m fortunate enough to be a part of some of the most amazing readings where wonderful things happen. These readings can be life-changing, and what can come through to the client and myself can change the perspective of both of us. Each reading holds a lesson waiting to be learned. I want […]

A Haunted Hotel

Way away on hwy one, north of San Francisco, the two lane road zigged and zagged back and forth, as we sped toward the tiny town, in the dark with the rain pouring down.  The wind howled and it was hard to see the road, and it was getting late.  A dangerous combination on the […]

A flying toilet through the cosmos

    A very interesting dream I must say.  This is a recount of a dream from my son. As the dream began I was sitting on a toilet, and the feeling I had was that the toilet was a sentient being. I could feel the warmth of the toilet, and feeling of love and […]

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