I respect all privacy, and all is kept confidential.
A reading will consist of what I see around you, your energy, colors, and other things that I pick up, I may hear names, see loved ones, and connect to them,dates, and things like that, so really you get a psychic reading and a mediumship reading as I bring forth the information as I hear and see it, I do not judge, I do not interpret. I just say what I see, and I relay that to you.

Remember to be open this is a process between you, your higher self and I, and  those in spirit.
 We have to have fun because spirit can be very funny,  the messages that come through are touching,  are especially for you.

love is always the main topic, with these readings, and validation

with  a date, or name or some validation
The reading is also healing as your loved one comes forward to send
you messages of healing and love.
Be sure
and Please drink lots of water it helps with communication to spirit
have questions ready.
You must be in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.  Phones off, t.v. off, quiet. Sitting quietly.
 please see below
** if there is a cancellation you will be refunded back all your money**
I do not keep anything.
If you need to re schedule just use the scheduler to change the date


** please be aware I do not read for murder cases, or missing children.
I will work with police departments, or detectives.
I connect people to their loved ones and family
I am not a medical intuitive
I am not an Attorney


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